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Train Your Real Estate Admin to See Increased Profits & Efficiency at Alliance by Atlas.





Dropped leads, poor communication, and unhappy or unmotivated team members are all signs of dysfunction. At Alliance, we will help you train your administrative assistant to be more productive. You'll notice better communication, increased profits, happier customers. This workshop will help train your assistant to help make your life easier and reach your business goals faster.

What You'll Get From Alliance:

  • Find out what's working well in your team and what you need to improve. Put together a plan to make your administrative assistant more productive.
  • Establish performance standards and set expectations for your admin.
  • Create a plan that will contribute to overall efficiency and lead to higher profits and happier customers.
  • Learn how to clearly communicate your company values and overall vision. 


Ready to make your business better? Register today.

If you want to improve communication with your real estate assistant and increase their productivity you need to come to Alliance by Atlas.

This training will help make your life easier, increase profits, and result in more satisfied customers and a more efficient business overall. 


$395 USD per Team Member

$300 USD per Team Member for Toronto Workshop


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Kathleen Metcalf

About Kathleen Metcalf, President of Atlas Real Estate Coaching + Training

Kathleen Metcalf coaches real estate agents, and their administrative team members, to overcome professional and personal obstacles so that they can be the leaders, managers, and team members that they WANT to be. Clients work with her when they’re feeling stuck or lack confidence in knowing how to manage their team. They’re tired of the same kinds of issues coming up without finding a resolution. They’re ready for their business operations to flow smoothly and for their teams to have more fun and be productive. Together, we overcome these obstacles by using proven strategies and tools that transform teams into better communicators and stronger, more cohesive offices.